Thursday, 11 February 2010

Inspiration + Perspiration = SUCCESS

There will be two posts today!

This first post is to congratulate a blog reader, Mike who sent me the email below. Kiki and I get quite a few success emails and we get a great kick out of people who are using the blog to find their way to CP (consistent profitability). I am posting it as encouragement for everyone who has not yet crossed the winner's line that yes, it can be done.

You and Kiki have been a big help and inspiration to me and have provided a way for me to turn the corner in my trading.  Thank you!  I would like to make a donation to the charity that you mentioned a few months back but when I go to their website, it looks as if it's setup to only take donations from folks who live in the UK and who can pay in Euros. 

Can I send you a check directly (in USD) and you make the donation?  I'd really like to contribute but don't want to turn it into a hassle for you. 
We put Mike in direct touch with MacMillan Cancer Support who were happy to accept his cheque (check). Here is a link to how to donate to them if you feel so inclined:

Good on ya Mike and thanks.

PS: Everybody, I am running behind again on answering emails. I will try and catch up over the weekend, so check for updates then. I'll also put this post under key posts calling it, "How To Donate To MacMillan Cancer."

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