Saturday, 27 February 2010

Blog Extract with Comments All in one html - Thanks Yuval.

One of the followers of the blog has done some work that will help all of us.

He has extracted the whole blog until February 23, into two files, with and without comments so it can be read more easily in one browser file. People joining the blog who want to catch up can download the zip file and plough through the all the posts and comments.

You can download it from here.

I will put a link to this post into the KEY POSTS.


  1. Tom and Kiki,
    I've followed since the beginning almost and have appreciated your insights. Please keep them coming. It's great to learn these things line upon line and precept upon precept as we can assimilate things easier that way. We may never be as good a trader as you but we will keep trying.

  2. Oops...was going to add that I prefer trading the currency futures over the ES. 6E seems to get more movement and quicker targets hit... thanks again.

  3. yes, thanks Yuval - very considerate of you to share your work.

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