We've been working hard to help traders reach consistent profitability (CP), and it shows. Here is what some of our students and readers have to say about us.

Hi Tom,

I've had a good week. Monday was not good on win rate but I finished green. The other days have been really good and I think I'm over 70% win rate. I'll have to go back and go through each trade. I had a huge day on Wed. and the other days were in my target range of $250 to $500 per contract per day. I'm still working with 4 contracts. Net for the week is $5125. 

I've been working hard on the psychological side of things. I'm about done rereading Trading in the Zone, which is excellent. I seem to be getting in sync with waiting for the juicy slings/Nats. That's all I'm working on...those two trades.

I'll send stats when I have some more time in. I want to send you a set of 50 trades.


 Hi Tom,
I have been watching videos to learn to trade e mini BUT I have started using the CCI 45/6   slingshot and zeroline and gap trades on stocks like aapl,goog,wynn etc on 5 min charts 
I have made close to 100 points .Instead of buying breakouts as before i am now a pullback trader

i also use  VWAP with bands and VB in MD on these stocks and TPO ,for POC
Sp the money spent on the videos has been recovered multiple times

thanks for that

I´ve been trading for the past 15 years (fulltime last 10) and I just wanted to thank you for you blog. I read it every day and your insights provide both inspiration and knowledge. It´s really amazing how you can get so much wisdom in every post and I learn/relearn something new all the time.

You write about complex things in a clear and easy manner and I think there will be a lot of traders out there who owe part of their success to your blog. 

Btw english is not my first language so bear with me regarding the grammar,spelling etc

Best Regards
Eurex trader 


Anonymous said...
Your trading charts are the most educational I've seen anywhere. Thanks for sharing them with us.
29 July 2011


Hi Tom,
i have worked my way through the majority of the dvd's.
Learned a hell of lot and will have to review equally as much.
It's amazing how the patterns repeat themselves. While watching the dvds
the same patterns were setting up in the market as i watched it live.
The range bars are great for consistency.
You have really put a lot in to this work and the saying 'heart and soul' comes to mind.
I suppose im at the stage where i think a one to one would be good- inspite having three dvd's left  eek
by the way i love how structured the process is. So much so the errors i make in the present you have address during the dvd's
It's like you are by myside. Oh by the way i've got beyond the point where i think im actually there live, try to ask a question, then
remember doh it's a recording.
Great great work.



Thanks for the video again; these are enormously helpful to see how you work thru the ebbs and "flows" of developing trends and retracements.



This is from the Happy Birthday post:

..............When I started reading the blog I was CP and made N. Today I am even more cp than before and make 3xN each day. I think it depends on several factors but your blog is definitely one of them............I think maybe more than anything I´ve seen in this blog what is possible. It is all a matter of devising the plan and then sticking to it. And above all devising the plan has really given me singleness of purpose, which in turn has resulted in a discipline I did not know that I had in me.

Thank you, and good luck with everything!


This is from B in the US ...
Your training DVD's are fantastic!  I am learning quite a bit. Very detailed and very well done. 


This is from K in the US ...
Dear Tom,

"I just completed the first 7 DVDs and must say the way you have communicated your knowledge is in a very simple and understandable fashion. The repetition of setups in many different ways also imprints the setup in one's subconscious. I have never seen any other training program that is so practical and implementable. The DVDs have made it very easy for me to understand your methods. I will now do the sim trading first on DVDs 8-14 and then move on to real time SIM trading."

"I've been a keen follower of your blog for quite some time now and finally grabbed the DVD's, which i received about a week ago, many thanks for those....
 ...just wanted to share my appreciation with you for your blog and the DVD's. Your techniques are really helping me on my way to becoming a consistent trader. The hardest thing for me at the moment is containing my confidence as I'm well aware of what that can bring."



"I have been working my way through the DVD's.  Learning a lot and am extremely happy that I found your blog and ordered the program.    Looking forward to seeing Tom in Chicago."


"Thanks again Tom.  Your willingness and desire to share your knowledge and experience has already made a significant impact on my trading education!  Looking forward to more to come."

L recently bought the DVDs and this is his feedback!

"Hi Tom
I have been through the first 3 videos, ( 1 and 2 twice ) to help me better understand the pictures.  The most recent DVD will provide a much better perspective for me as I go thru the rest of the videos.  73% win rate on my first 26 sling trades.
Thanks again.

PS I think that I have found another potential picture that is sort of a variation on the klunk and +/- 100 trades.  Will backtest this weekend along with sim trading and blog chart picture reviews


"Hi Tom,

I received the summary disk today and I just wanted to let you know what a great job I think you did. It was very succinct, perfect companion to the whole package.

Thank You,"

“The training so far has been very professionally conducted and I am very happy with the information you have shared so far.”
T, Sweden

“Thank you for putting not only your energy, but also your passion into working with us!!!”                         
V, Germany
“Tom and Kiki,
Thanks so much for the webinar...this is just what I needed...
Looking forward to following the "Structured Plan" that you have talked about.
In this life not many things are given freely so when, not if, I make this adventure profitable I will donate a portion to your favorite charities!!!
Have a great weekend!!
It would be interesting to see Kiki do a blog(added on to yours or separate) so we could get her thoughts on trading etc.
Anyway, Thanks again!”
J,  U.S.

"I'm Janos from Dublin.
I ordered the DVDs on tuesday night around 20.00pm  and got them  today morning at 9.00 am . Could not be quicker . Just got home 3 hours ago , sticked in the first day's DVD . The audio and the video quality is excellent for me . Thank you very much !!!"
J. Ireland

“Hi Tom,
I just realised it has been more than 7 months that I have been following the blog, and trying to trade according to your suggestions.
I would like to thank you for your ongoing efforts with the blog, I feel that if I am ever going to be profitable, you will have a lot to do with that.”
J,  Netherlands


Hey EL, Long time lurker here... Just wanted to pop in and thank you for all the posts here. By combing over your work and incorporating certain aspects into my own trading plan, my win rate has been fluctuating between 70-80% for over a month now. I don't really understand the disparaging comments I see pop up (if you don't gain anything here why keep reading?) Looking forward to the continuation of the order flow posts
Anonymous 22 April 2010  


I was referred to your blog by my friend Glenn and I've been a big fan for many months now. As a former NYMEX local, your methodology has allowed me to regain the edge I enjoyed in the ring, and I thank you and Kiki for your selfless instruction. Unleashing Flo, I agree, would indeed be unanimously and enthusiastically received by your many followers (myself included). Do you think widespread use could skew the results in the future if a few hundred practitioners all jump in the same market at the same time, or do you believe the markets are large, liquid and diverse enough to shrug that off? Thank you both, again, for your hard (and outstanding) work. DNO p.s. I've since cancelled my subscription to IBD, between you guys and Glenn, i have all the artillery I need for a successful trading day;)
twdean 16 April 2010


I wanted to thank you for your daily video recaps.
They are very instructive and are a great help in confirming and reinforcing the trade setups you taught us in the seminar. I know it’s extra work for you and Kiki, but I think they are an indispensable aid to help us stay on track.
The recaps are a perfect addition to the DVDs, which I am eagerly awaiting.
S. an EL student, USA


Hi Tom, I am a long-time CP trader who has followed your blog with great interest. Believe 
it or not, you've taught this old dog a few tricks. Yours is the only blog I bother to look at anymore. Regarding trading to a profit target each day: I noticed early on in my career that this worked well, but I was never sure why. One day it became clear to me. In the makets I trade (ES and CL), there are a limited number of meaningful prices moves in any given session. Once those moves have played out, staying in the game leads to losses. Therefore, once I cashed in on a good move or two and hit my goals, stopping trading meant keeping profits in my account rather than trading them away in a sideways market. Best regards, TD
A. 13 April 2010 


  1. Hi EL
    i read your whole blog once and was halfway through it a second time but decided i needed to explore other paths also, to find out the type of trader i could become. i read other blogs and joined other forums. .i traded live without a plan and "hoped" and lost a lot quickly (you were right), a wise man once said "the harder you work the luckier you get" (you were right again!), eventually i found what i was looking for, it took lots of trial and error , but now i see the bigger picture and i have a very specific entry and exit - if it dont meet the picture, then i dont take the trade. all exactly as you stated! .i started in sim and then went live , it works and im clawing my way back one bite at a time!
    you had stated all of the above in your blogs, its not that i didnt believe you its just that i had to do it my way (the hard way!)
    Best of luck Tom & thanks for taking the time

  2. Steve, Congratulations for finding your way. Most people don't so you are way ahead of the pack. BTW, I love being in Ireland a couple of times a year. Have relatives there.

  3. Hello
    Q Where can I get the order to your flow?
    Thanks and appreciation