Sunday, 25 October 2009

Finishing the Story

My daughter read the blog last night after she got home from a date. She asked why I didn't finish the story about "!'m 38 bid and ask for 100, What do you want to do?" I didn't finish the story because I was only interested in my own punchline about managing the trade. However, looks like I was wrong. The rest of the story was quite relevant. I sold 10 lots. Most locals like to go short rather than go long as you make your profit quicker. I covered my 10 at 35. The Big Local bought at 35 along with me (or was it really me buying along with him) as a BUY order came in from a broker who we knew filled for one of the funds. He sold his back at 39. We BOTH made money taking opposite positions. TRADE MANAGEMENT.

I'll start posting real trades from tomorrow night.

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