Thursday, 29 October 2009

Time Zones and What and When to Trade

I moved to London from Australia about 30 years ago to trade in a better time zone. I tried living in the United States too. The European time zone for me, is the best time zone as it straddles the most active markets.

Lots of moves now begin in the European morning before the U.S. wakes up. Many U.S. traders now have alarms so that if key support and resistance areas are breached, they wake up to trade. Why? Well the markets are continually changing. Now a days, for the stock indices, if you miss THE move of the day then you have missed the only good move of the day.

In the European morning, I trade the Eurex's Dow Euro 50 future because of its liquidity - more than 1 million contracts a day. The eMini S&P is getting more liquid at that time of day but nowhere near the Eurex contract until closer to the RTH open.

Liquidity is important for me as it gives a better read of Order Flow.

Another reason to get up early is there are days when you know the odds are that we will get a two way rotational day and if you start early you can be earning with relatively little risk for 14 hours instead of just 6 and a half.

Again, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

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