Thursday, 15 October 2009

Do you like juice?

 I’ll still be trading each day.  I will post her questions and my answers and some other info I think might be helpful at then end of the trading day.

 We’ll trade many time zones and many different markets. Money can be made all over the world.  I’ll show and talk about each of these markets and her successes and failures in each of them and why she succeeded and failed.  She'll even tell how much money she is making or losing.

The blog will show the trades I make every day and some of the “why” I took the trade and also some of the “why” I didn’t take the trade.

We'll be trading from Europe.  It's the best time zone if you want to trade during the daylight hours. Europe straddles the US/European/Asian hours. What I tend to do is to take the juiciest parts out of each time zone which tends to be the opening of each time zone market plus the close of the U.S. market.

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