Thursday, 3 December 2009

ElectronicLocal and Market Delta

I have had some comments and emails about how to tell MarketDelta that you are signing up for a trial because you read the electroniclocal blog and/or you are interested in a webinar.

There are several ways:
1. email to or to
2. telephone them on their number which can be found at
3. Skype by voice or message to trevor.harnett

Always mention the electroniclocal in whatever method of contact to Trevor/MarketDelta you use. Just filling in the free trial form will not tell Trevor you are an electroniclocal reader and therefore you won't be counted in the numbers needed for the free webinar.

One of the reasons I switched to MarketDelta as I said in a comment on yesterday's blog was to see what I could do with the Footprint as well as programmatically harnessing some of the power in the Volume analysis of MarketDelta.

I tried the Footprint a few years ago but it didn't speak to me. I know someone who is using it for specific setups so I will explore that as well.

As you saw from all my posts, the trades I am showing are what I call "initiated from the inside going out". I also have setups that trade from "the outside in". These are a slightly lower probability than the ones I post and more complex to explain. I plan to explore MD for simpler setups for these types of trades. Kiki is not trading these yet and probably won't for the next 3-6 months.


  1. Just a FYI if you do not know. beta 10.1b5 is out today.