Friday, 18 December 2009

Holiday Markets

We are well and truly in holiday mode here in Europe. The big institutional traders are protecting their bonuses by not stepping up to the plate with any real volume. The CVD yesterday showed two way range business in RTH timezone.

It will take an event to move the markets until the new year shows itself. Then its every man/woman for him/herself again.

Kiki and I are in careful mode. The number of trades we take has dropped in line with the volatility. Traders in the U.S. timezone are having a harder time of it at the moment. If you don't catch THE trade then you don't have much else to do. Our cherries only have one bite per time zone, if that.

The financial rise of the non christian world may have an impact as they get be a bigger part of the 24 hour market and ignore Christmas but while the main financial news that impacts prices comes from the U.S. we may have an action v. reaction type of trading. Added to this, the recent focus of governments on bonuses of institutional traders, who move the market, may impact things as well if these institutions move their traders to other countries or even timezones.

We will be posting most business days during the holidays. On dead days I am doing some more work on Market Profile with Kiki and we will share that in this blog.

Meanwhile, back at the virtual trading ranch today....

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Great info as always. I have a question regarding a previous post on Market Profile. Do you start with a 24 hr profile? How do you split & re-merge arrive at the "real" distributions, VAHs, VALs, & POCs?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi EL,

    You mentioned before that your plan specifies to enter in the direction of delta, however in this case it is large and positive. Please could you clarifiy that?



  3. Richard, that topics too long or here. I'm going to talk about it in the webinar.
    Anonm I look at ALL the info and do NOT trade mechanically. Its what the snapshot shows thats important. Art not science. If this trade didn't leap out at you, that's fine, there are lots of others coming. As you develop as a trader, you learn more nuances from experience.

  4. hello EL,
    enjoyed reading your blog and hope to attend your webinar. will you be able to give basic setups for new traders? would very much appreciate any info you can give newbies. thanks and Merry Christmas!

  5. OK, got it - thanks. Looking forward to webinar.