Thursday, 21 January 2010

I Told Dad Not To Have The Oysters

El isn't feeling very well today. He's answered a few posts but that's about it. So I've done a bit of other stuff for him. I've posted a momdot indicator for Ninjatrader, thanks to Tarkus11Mike has also supplied a NEW momdot indicator for Tradestation and Multicharts.  They are both under the Key Posts & Information section on the right hand side of the blog.  Thanks again guys!

I'm still coding away on my project.  I'm hoping it will help me in two ways.
1. I don't have the discipline yet that EL has and I find myself daydreaming and missing trades, especially on slower days.
2. When I have a losing trade(s), I find it hard to pull the trigger again for the next trade. Once I'm in the trade i'm fine. I know what I should do and it makes total sense but I still am doing those things anyway. 


  1. Your Pop is a pretty amazing trader! Would love to hear more from you Kiki as it sounds like I(we) are going through the same types of issues starting out... Hope EL is better soon!

  2. Hope u feel better EL :(

  3. Kiki, hope your dad is feeling better soon. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your Flowbot.

    Bob K

  4. Kiki, I'm sure everyone would love to see what trades you took today with all of the movement. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the volatility!

  5. Hi Kiki, I was expecting an Aussie Kiki, opening with a "G'day, mites" ... You turned out to be a dinkum American! :-)

    I wish you success with the code. Been there, done that, back to clicking the mouse. Re your item 2: Been there, done that. My trouble was (still is) focussing on the money instead of the trade.

    Speedy recovery to El Tom.

  6. Thanks for the update on your Dad Kiki. I hope he begins to feel better soon. Today was another one of those runaway trend days, which I am sure he would have traded much more proficiently than I

    Keep up the great work on the Automation, as I can relate to what you are going through if you take a Stop and have to get back into the game. Thanks again, and warm wishes to your Dad for a speedy recovery.


  7. hi Kiki

    I hope Electric feels better soon. I've been trading for alot longer then you and still have those problems at times.


  8. I'm right there struggling with you on those discipline issues. I just want to say thanks to you and your dad for being willing to create this site for spectators. It has helped me tremendously. I just recently went net positive in my account largely because of things you guys have shared. I wish you both the best and hopefully your dad will be feeling better in no time!

  9. Thanks everyone. Back in the saddle. Still love oysters.