Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Thank you Mike Sherman

I have posted the VB and the CVD indicators for the NinjaTrader platform, kindly supplied by Mike Sherman.  Please note these indicators won't work with historical data, only with real time live data. Also,when you change the indicators on the chart you risk losing the VB and CVD data already there,this is a limitation of NinjaTrader.  
I have posted links to these under the Key Posts and Information, chart settings and chart definitions.  I post these with the same usual caveat that they are for educational purposes only and not supported by EL.


  1. Wow! Thanks EL and Mike Sherman for the Ninjatrader indicators...good just have to figure out which of these indicators will work the best.

  2. Wow! Even more impressed you really have gone above and beyond your duty to your community, you stepped it up by providing the indicators for other platforms. Thank you very very much.

  3. Can you tell us which indicators in the EL Indics4NinjaT package are the VB and CVD? Thanks a lot.