Tuesday, 19 January 2010

To the Moon Alice, Again

To quote the "Great One" again, "How Sweet it Is". It doesn't get much better than today! Yesterday, the coil wound tight and we hoped it would spring today. And it did, but of course not the way I thought.

Trade 1 was quite straight forward with everything in line. Had Kiki missed this one I would have been very surprised. We traded it differently. I was all out at X1 but Kiki scaled at X2 and X3. I re-entered at Trade 2 and was all out again at X3. The final exit was at the Low of the Profile of 1/15, so was anticipated when the VB went positive the the 45 CCI went oversold.

Trade 3 eventuated after the retracement to the POC of the split of the distribution of 1/15. We got long at 1132.00 at that same POC hoping for a ride "up the zipper" of single prints (mostly). We're still on the ride as I'm writing this. Getting long was at the right place with the CVD having turned up as accumulation began. VB was quite green. CCI looked right. By now, we have both scaled out twice and trying to hold on to the last 1/3 until we hit top of VA of the second distribution of the profile of 1/14 at around 1146.00. The zipper finishes at 1144.00 at the VAL of that distribution so it may end around there. Our stop loss on this last piece is quite far away at 1137.00, below the remaining single prints of this move,  although we'll tighten if the market warns us. It looks like a trend day although it could start building a distribution. Another way of trading this would have been to exit 1141.50 and look for a re-entry. Price hit the VAL of yesterday's split at 1144.00 and it was getting late so we exited. I think there is probably a little more on the upside but it's the end of our business hours. Had you been trading the DowEuro50 on Eurex you would entered the same trade an hour earlier. This trade gave you plenty of time to get on board.

I am again posting results for 3 contracts. As soon as we have a version of Kiki's Robot we will post those trades too, so you and we can compare the results.

After yesterday's boredom Kiki was happy her pockets are fuller and is currently scouring the web to buy a new kindle or one note.

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Chart Definitions
I have posted the MarketDelta chart definitions in a link under KEY POSTS. I will add TradeStation Indicators kindly sent by Mike Lotterhos and MultiChart ones also, as soon as I find a suitable file share to upload them to.

  Webinar Q & A
I have started answering questions from the webinar and will post some tomorrow unless the market is more interesting.


  1. Does TradeStation have an indicator similar to MD's VB?

  2. Thank you both for this blog. I work with MP, but had problems with my entries. Now I combine the best of both worlds like you do: MP (for S/R) and some indicators (setup). And, maybe the most important thing for me, a trigger. Awesome, thanks. Keep up the good work!


  3. can't see a number of your exits and entries due to the chart being cut off on the bottom

  4. "CCI looked right"

    With all due respect, you keep posting vague comments like this in relation to the CCI. I and others here keep asking you to clarify what you mean, OR point us to a resource where we can learn what you mean.

    I read your post below where you said you use the CCI to "look for momentum" but you don't explain how you do that?

    maybe i am an idiot, and that's fine, i can live with that, but what am i missing?

  5. Frank M, TS indicators are posted in KEY POSTS under Chart Settings & Chart Definitions.
    Brian, looks OK our end.
    bc, CCI is a momentum oscillator. I use a short term and a long term one. Here is a link that tells you about it: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/05/041805.asp

  6. Great info. Regarding a prior post a while back, you mentioned "the MP 80% rule", modified to fit what you do. How is it different from the regular rule? Also you mentioned in a prior post that you would share at the webinar the only Fib# you use? I'm following this blog very close and am begininng to "see" that this methodology really works - God bless you & your family...

  7. Thank you Electric and Kiki for a excellent webinar. The chart definitions look great. I once traded with CCI and EMA and putting them back on my charts with VB and MP puts a new light on there use.

    Thanks again