Saturday, 16 January 2010

Webinar is Finished

Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar.  It was a blast.  The webinar recording will be posted on the blog hopefully by Monday the 18th.  EL will start answering questions in the blog as soon as we get the log from Trevor at MarketDelta.  Have a good weekend.



  1. Thank You very much for all the effort you have made in teaching every one and the all the knowledge you provided. Thanks once again. Steve

  2. Thanks for putting together a well thought out webinar. The information presented is an excellent road map on how to become a successful trader and thanks for sharing your methodology. It was very informative. Look forward to reading your blog each day.


  3. Hello Boss and Kiki,

    Great job on the Webinar and much appreciated.

    Today is a world of commercialism and the care being mostly on what one can get and not what is given. It is a rare to find someone who is willing to share their experiences and knowledge out of a passion for something. Knowing what one gets equals what one gives is also a clue of wisdom.

    Your post the other day on belief and your reiteration of it and how it is only achieved by experience in my opinion is the real Grail. Knowledge without experience is only good for a book.

    I know that fear is one of the main obstacles one must deal with, not only in trading but many other endeavors. Like myself at first, and I am sure many others, we are hoping for that magic indicator or setup. It is part of our nature to enter danger with caution which causes hesitation. The only way to deal with that consistently is with practical experience. “As you sow, so you shall reap” is well known for a reason.

    Thanks again for you, Kiki and Mrs. JL.


  4. Thanks for a great webinar. I've been with MD/IRT for a year and I am knee deep in the process of becoming a trader. Lots of great stuff here; your reference to "structured learning", MSA & data mining, process for becoming a trader, 1.25 candle chart (as opposed to footprint which I have studied) .... really helpful ideas presented. I wish you both all the best and look forward to a dialog in the future. Thanks Peter

  5. Many many thanks for your wonderful blog and your excellent webinar. It was a pleasure to hear the both of you. Again great work on the blog and an exceptional webinar.

  6. Hi Tom & Kiki,

    Thanks for the time & effort that was put in for this webinar, it was informative & am looking forward to the blog for more trading insights.
    Once again, thank you for your willingness to share...

    Also here's a link that gives a little more detail regarding the "Momdots":

  7. Thank you EL and Kiki for the work that went into the webinar today. Very generous of you to share your experience with us. Will be following - best of luck in 2010.

  8. thank you. I hope the noise of the mic can be filtered when the recording is posted.

  9. Thank you all for coming and your nice words. I'll feedback a bit more in Monday's post of what is happening next.

  10. Electronic and Kiki
    first at all I would like excuse for my comment in previous discussion if it sounded as offence. Of course I appreciate your effort here in blog and webinar. I think that your webinar watched a lot more experienced traders and more informations that you said is not new for them (for me sure) and if somebody read WHOLE your nice blog since start can this informations get in posts and comments .Was not clear how deep you plan present contents from webinar agenda . I dont want criticise, I didnt wait for grail (I have my) just I expected more about -- how do you work with MP,illustrative examples about it, basic rules in your mind when you try split for distributions, how you deal with TPO and volume POC,VAH,VAL if are absolutely different in daily profile, how you deal with night profile and RTH profile,what are basic rules for define SR levels( what about single print TPO, what about range extensions, what about buy/sell tails) , I expected that you show some special situations in MP as in post here from 23 november ( I quote ....Paradise for me as I "knew" that as soon as we hit the single prints, we should run straight up the zipper. We did.)
    I expected that you show more about „area of trade“ in relation to MP levels, what prefer trades ?? bounce off levels , break through levels , break and test of level ???.
    And what about basic rules how determine where is market trying go ???? ( do you use TPO count, volume profile of current day ?????) .

    Next –- I expected more thoughts about „nuances“ that you mention in a few posts and that result from your a lot screen time and experinces, more ideas about reading VB and cumulative delta a few bars before entry or exit and show a few illustrative and real examples ( I dont know .......maybe you use divergence of cumulative delta too or .... ??????) Basic rules for your instant exit trade after entry and when you didnt get instant gratifications ???( if you have ...???? )

    Tom , I dont tell that webinar was bad , but from my point of view I expected more . maybe was excessive ,i think
    you just focus more for less experienced traders .Everything in friendly tone and atmosphere. I think if somebody freely decided show ideas about trading to public must expect this kind of post and not just complmentary remarks. Anyway THANK YOU for your patience, helpfulness and look forward for continuation of your blog. Good luck.

  11. Hi Tom and Kiki,

    Thanks a lot for the webinar, and your ongoing efforts going into this blog. I have been in lots of places to get 'educated', but without any kind of success, I really enjoy following your blog and your trades, and feel that with anough time and effort I can make this work. All the best to you guys, and success to Kiki!

  12. Tom and Kiki,

    Thank you for taking time out of your own weekend to "give back" to the trading community. In this day and age where everyone and there brother is offering Trading Education for rather large sums of monetary compensation, this is indeed refreshing.

    If I have spent $30K on trading education over the years, I suspect if I really was honest with myself it would be in excess of $40K. Sadly, much of that was through firms and or individuals who "earned" their living by "selling" trading education, rather than actually earning their living by trading themselves.

    I am rather new to the Blog here, so I have some catching up to do before asking questions. I currently use TradeStation, and I know this will be my greatest challenge to find how to code up the same "look" that you Tom and Kiki use each day.

    Thank you once again, Tom for sharing his knowledge of trading for a living, and Kiki for deciding to learn this Craft from here father. If she had not done so, I am not sure if this Blog would have ever been created.

  13. Edo99, I am not offended, my webinar first had to cover the basics. If we had more time and I had more energy we would have looked at more charts. Sadly we just ran out of time and I ran out of puff. Maybe next time....
    Anon, I wnr through spending a lot of money when I first began too, on worthless stuff. The problem for a newbie is that you don't know what you don't know and you don't know what you should know.

  14. Thank you so much for you willingness to share and energy going into this great blog, yesterday webinar was truly "cherry on the cake"!
    Best wishes and success in 2010,
    Petr, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  15. Tom and Kiki: I would also like to thank you for your generosity and sharing. I have found your information to be very helpful.

    If possible I would like to add a question to the list regarding the CCI. You mentioned it is a much "maligned" indicator and that you used an adjustment of the Woodie's settings (which you have already given us). Is there a reference source that you could direct us to learn more about deriving context from the CCI as you use it?

    Any input on this from other readers is also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Rick

  16. Tom and Kiki, I really enjoyed the webinar. I know you must be putting in a lot of time to make all this happen, very much appreciated. And I really hope your sharing of this hard aquired knowledge gives you something in return in some way.

  17. Hi Tom,

    Finally figured out how to change from being "Anonymous".. :) I appreciate your comments regarding "new traders simply don't know what they don't know, and you don't know what you should know". I suspect it is that very fact, that allows the snake oil salesmen to prosper out on the web. Anyone, like I stated above, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You" to both you and KIKI, for allowing us to follow along and perhaps pick up some key points along the journey.

    I look forward to reading the Blog in 2010, and watching KIKI prosper as a successful trader, like her father.

    Do you by any chance have any "direction" you can point me in to create the MomDots, Volume Breakout and Cumm Vol Delta Indicators for TradeStation? I have always used a Keltner Channel, and I am fairly certain CCI is a Std indicator available within it, so I believe it is just those other three that I have to work on coding or locating someplace. I had thought that Multi-charts could easily be converted to TS code, but I may not be correct on that point. Again, thank you, and anything you can do to point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

    Have a nice extended weekend, if you are not trading tomorrow, with the US Markets being closed. I plan to spend some time listening to your webinar again, and working on locating these codes, so I can follow along on my own charts are you are speaking.

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend !!


  18. Hi Tom and Kiki,

    Excellent presentation. I'm an experienced trader and rarely watch presentations through to the end. Most of them are nothing but fluff and clichés. Yours was the exception. Lots of real information and very well presented. I really enjoyed it and stayed with it right till the end.

    QUESTION: Could share with us how you avoid the "quicksand"? By that I mean the choppy sidways markets that move in a narrow range and drift just far enough to take out stops, but have no real follow-through in one direction or another. If I could stay out of the quicksand, my profits would double!

    Thanks again for your hard work and excellent presentation.

  19. Guys, I am going to answer points from these comments in posts starting today.

  20. Tom and Kiki,

    Thanks for the webinar over the week end. I hope you will have a follow up one to cover more examples and your thought process at each of the entry signals, and why you would take one signal and may pass another.I like the way you look for different things to line up as you post in your blogs and so I expected the webinar to be centered around that. But I understand with so many people signing up you need to cover the basics and other common material. Overall, it was a very good seminar and thanks for willing to share your expertise