Monday, 11 January 2010

What the Beatles and Dolly Parton have in common

 Its been "A Hard Day's Night", more than just "9 to 5", and I'm no "Working Class Hero" but it sure has been a lot of work getting the material together for the webinar. No trading for us today as I'm a guy and don't seem to be able to do two things at the same time. Kiki is ROFL. I'm trying to make sure I cover what's important.

Saturday (morning in London before the webinar) will have me going through the charts of the last couple of days to find recent examples of the things I want to demonstrate. Luckily the webinar time is just after lunch in London (but breakfast for some friends in Chicago).

Finally, in answer to a couple of questions about why I'm doing this extra work of the webinar - Kiki has heard most of this stuff over and over - I'd like to quote a Spanish philosopher from the Middle Ages:

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence,
the second listening, the third memory,
the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
Solomon Ibn Gabriol

I guess I'm trying to fulfill the fifth requirement ;-P

Euro FX
One of the blog readers told me he used 10 ticks for his range bars in the Euro FX future and it made the market less twitchy and gave him more time to put on the trades. This inspired me to make sure I did some testing rather than just eye balling.

The result was that we will now use 9 ticks for the Euro FX range bars. I'll try and post a chart tomorrow.


  1. Would be interesting to know how you come up with a odd number as 9. When you test this do you use a system for back testing or are you more discretionary?

  2. 9 ticks seems to be more in line with the range bars for the ES and ET. Do you still use 2 bar stops and targets?

  3. Electronic
    please will you talk about nuances of entry and exit market and about rules of split market profile at webinar ??? Thank you

  4. You continue to impress. So it remains a great pleaseure to read your insights regarding trading.
    You have mentioned that you trained others before if you are considering doing any mentoring in London i would be more than happy to attend i look forward to Saturday