Monday, 1 March 2010

Back in the Saddle

Re-entry day after not trading for a few is always a bit difficult as the focus does not come automatically and I have to keep kicking myself so my mind doesn't wander.

The trade of the day was the buy off the top of Friday's RTH Market Profile. Smarter men than I recognised it as the possible low of the day and are probably still long some contracts as I write. But that isn't my style or methodology.




  1. Glad to see your charts again :)

    I´ve got the same trades except nr 3, I was hesitant because of the news item out 30secs before the entry. How do you handle entries in front of - or so short after news releases?


  2. Hi Electronic & Kiki,

    I have a question regarding Trade 4 today. Were you leaning on the overnight Value High, or the POC of Mondays RTH? I ask as I see they were quite close. Perhaps what I really would like to know is if you take trades in anticipation of a level being taken if conditions/momentum seem strong.

    Thanks very much.

  3. A little IRT tech talk - An interesting way to view your chart would be to overlay a type of 'bid-ask footprint' on the same instrument with a type of 'volume profile multi-pane'. Gives you all the inner bar workings but the downside is the horizontal scale gets wide by fitting in the bid vs ask, so your oscillators look a bit odd. Anyway, just food for thought. Final product looks something like this

  4. Welcome back. Results do not indicate any lack of focus and distractions with remnants of gypsy music. And thanks for the P&L/Trade Table. I hope it is not too gruesome to post.

  5. Hi,

    I am wondering why you didn't take the trade at 11:49 (london time). Context and setup seems similar to the Trade 2 you took. Thanks in advance.

  6. ty, for sharing!

  7. Hey EL,

    Glad you're back and hope you enjoyed the trip. Tajir, my guess is because EL was already in the first trade...he was short and had exited his first scale and was waiting to exit the remaining contracts.

  8. Boris, I consistently trade through all but the biggest numbers and anticipate where a range bar will complete.
    Nick, yes, I anticipate where a range bar will close.
    Tajir, the CCIs were different.