Saturday, 6 February 2010

Chart Templates for Sierra Charts - Thanks to Timokrates

Timokrates wrote:

    Hi Tom,
I'm currently trying to establish my whole setup in terms of broker and charting.
As you suggested I will go with OEC because of margins and also because it works with Sierra.
I'm using Sierra for quite a while now and it is pretty good and should do what I want.

With the help of others I was able to put your chart setup and indicators together and would like to share it. So if you like, you can put it on the chart definitions page.

Here is the link:

I wish you a nice weekend - and have to say again that the way I see you trading and teaching provides me with some hope to find a way to trade. Like others I tried nearly all the stuff which is out there. But now I feel that I can achieve a level of confidence which I was not able to reach before. The main reason is that I believe a context like MP could do for me, what Elliott waves, multi timeframe analysis and all the other methods where not able to. PA, order flow an momentum are the rest and I'm very happy that you share your knowledge about that and put everything together to create a picture.

Thanks again and all the best,

Thanks, Timokrates this will be posted under the Key Posts, Chart Setting & Chart Definitions.  

There will be a post tomorrow about Kiki's FloBot.


  1. Nice post, Sierra is a great software package. I loaded the study, the cumulative volume won't work, the rest is ok. If need, I can send you my cumulative volume study (a little bit different from EL study)

    Off-topic: what does it mean when a stock goes up the whole day, but there is significant more bid volume (I trade manily nasdaq stocks)

  2. George: don't know what you are using for data, but how much backfill history are you able to get for the volume breakdown and CV?

    Timokrates: is Open E Cry able to give you adequate backfill? Does your Volume Breakdown come close to EL's?

    thanks, Rick

  3. Timokrates: The study collection you posted uses a custom DLL that most users of SC does not have (even though it is freely available at the SC support forum) - and you don't need that DLL. You can use the stock SC "Cumulative Sum Of Study" and point that to the difference signal (SG5) of the "BidVolume vs. AskVolume" study. Then as you already have, just point the moving average to the "Cumulative Sum Of Study". In any case, I am sure your work will be appreciated by many SC users out there that follow the EL blog.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi guys,

    for backfill you have to choose the Sierra historical data source under data settings.
    Sierra records OEC data, so that there is lots of backfill for the main futures contracts. But for stocks I believe there isn't any.

    From my understanding so far it is true bid ask data and not up/downtick as well. But I'm notz 100% sure.

    Rick: CV is very close to identical, VB close as well, so that I don't see any problems using it. Sierra is also working on a kind of footprint chart atm.

    In general I have to say that I like the platform, it looks a bit outdated on the first glance, but offers everything, also proper chart trading now.

  5. The contracts Sierra provides historical backfill for can be found here:

  6. Thanks TrueBalance, you are right.

    I added the BAVSummation.dll to the StudyCollection. It can be downloaded here:

    Maybe you could update the link, Tom. Thanks.

    I did not test TBs way, displaying the CV, but this should be the same.

  7. thanks guys. I own AmiBroker and it would be nice to code it to do the same thing, but I haven't found where anyone else was successful within their user group posts. I don't think it can handle much tick data.

    I'll probably give SC a try. Market Delta is very nice, and perhaps I'll go to it or Investor RT after I finish my "apprenticeship".


  8. one question you use HLC average price as input for CCI ????? I think EL uses last price.

  9. I'm new to Sierra. I've downloaded the EL_Setup_Sierra.StdyCollct file, put it in C:\SierraChart\data folder. Do I need to restart Sierra to make it work ? I need some help.


  10. When i load the file into the data file sierra just gives me an error message in the box
    Any ideas whats wrong guys