Monday, 8 March 2010

Jet Lagged

Jet Lagged so no trading or post for Monday.  Hopefully will be back at it tomorrow and I will also try to get the backlog of comments answered.


  1. To bad u were not traiding the ES today. Would be interesting to se how u would play, or not play, a day like this.

  2. Hello EL,

    When you get the chance, is it possible to write a post on how you choose the size of the range bars? What are the conditions used in the backtesting?

    When do you decide the size of the range has to be changed etc.

    It would be very helpful for me and maybe others who trade other markets.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Tom, I wonder, too, why your FESX range bar is 10 Ticks and your ES is only 5. The vol of the FESX is not bigger. Any reasons?


  4. Markus, the number of ticks is not relevent. 10 ticks in ET is 100 euro and 1.25 points in ES is $112.50

  5. Tom, 1.25 points in the ES are $62.5. Therefore my question: Why not trade both with 5 tick range bars?

  6. You're right, I'm really jet lagged to maker that mis type. The stop loss is about $112.50 to 132.50 on the ES. If you do a chart with both the ES and ET on the same chart you will see how they line up. Each is 5 ticks and the two range bar drop dead stops are similar at about 10 ticks. I'm going back to London at the end of next week and will get to be jet lagged all over again.