Friday, 26 March 2010

Taming the DAX

I haven't traded the DAX (Eurex stock index) for about 4 years. It can be a very volatile market and you can make a small fortune - out of a large one - if you are not very structured in your trading plan. On the other hand, the DAX provides great opportunities, so if you have the deep pockets and capital for this market, it may be worth a look. But ONLY after extensive SIM and CP in SIM. This market is pushed around by the big money and "they" routinely fake out many traders.

Having looked at charts for a few days and running the FloBot, I am looking forward to trading this market again as it provides more volatility on days when the other markets don't.

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  1. Tom, thanks for all. I am two months into it and starting to see the light.

    Can you talk in one of your posts in more details about you personal experience with IB and how it works with EL technique?

  2. Hello. I am a consistently profitable trader in index futures in my country. But I have tried to trade the DAX and it is a different animal altogether. Lots of whipsaws all over the place and fast market conditions. It beat me, and I am back in my home market where I know I can win. Some day in the future I will try the DAX again. What really bothers me is I feel I did my homework and had a really good game plan. The plan workes just fine. Then I lost most of my winnings and then som on just 2-3 trades. A tough market indeed. At least it is to tough for me. Maybe some day...

    Thank you for an inspiring blog. People who share their insights generously like you are few and far between. Respect!

  3. Hello Boss,

    So I'm listening to the radio and I hear them say that the last song was by Flobot. So I think, man, boss does like to keep busy, now he started a rap band. Well turns out that the
    name was Flobots, so I was somewhat relieved. Why? well, two things. First, don’t want to much on your plate. Second, while I do try to stay current, even though I am from
    the "House Of The Holy", I won’t need to buy the CD...

    The End,


  4. Thanks Rino. I'd have thought it would have Led you to Another Brick in the Wall.