Friday, 14 May 2010

Brückentag in Germany Today

It was a "bridge" day in Germany today - a working day between yesterday's holiday and the week-end. Lots of people made it a long week-end.

I started trading Euro futures this morning, London time, and there was an hour in the morning when someone at a large institution was either bored or found that running stops was a good way to make money on a Brückentag. Or maybe the arb between the futures and the cash had something else going on.

Looking at what the traders are doing, not trading just indicators is important. I had to move my stops out of the way and still traded my targets. Happily things went back to normal after an hour with a series of down moves and pullbacks.

I switched to the ES and enjoyed the ride down. My longer term positions are really paying off. I use the same methodology as I use for day trading and sell premium, usually for 10 day swings. If we can trade down to the support (1123.00 ish) today and flick through it even for just a blip. I'll have hit my targets in 2 days.


  1. You've added both a slower and faster EMA then the 99 and 33. Any reason why? Is this to compensate for the added volatility?

  2. Hi,
    some guys like me were enjoying the Brueckentag in Germany. Even though the weather was suggesting to keep on trading. There will be another one in June (June 4th).


  3. Within TICKS Tom. Did you take your swing position off? We screamed off of that last test of 1124's. Have a great weekend.

  4. Anon 22:09, they are just temporary stuff . I wanted to see something after I had finished trading and left them on the chart when I took the pic.
    Val, thanks.
    Bigsnack. Only by luck I think. As soon as I saw that the 1123.00 would hold, I increased my bid by 0.75 and got filled when weak hands dumped as price approached that low. If I had had to rely on the market makers I wouldn't have filled because the option never went offered at my bid.

  5. Hello Boss,

    Here is the movie Floored. You have to watch it on your computer, but you have 24" monitors so should not be to bad.

    I'm sure Kiki will enjoy seeing were you spent some time honing your skills.

    Take care,


    Ps Grab some popcorn and maybe a brew. (Kiki you get soda.)