Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar and Another Euro

The ES was sold off in Asia overnight. There was not much to do except a bit of scalping in the morning London session.

The ES RTH session began with a gap trade that failed.

I found support at 1054.00 and bought 2 ticks above it hoping for a decent move towards yesterdays close. The action was terrible and looking inside the bar with MarketDelta got me out with 1 point profit.

Trade 2 was a sell of the broken support.

Trade 3 was a sell back towards the 33EMA with only half size with the other half for sale right at the 33EMA. I was helped out with the Consumer Confidence number which blew through my 2 targets giving me a nice profit although only on half size.

All the prep for the training has made me sharper I think. Although I'm trading fewer hours I've been consistently green and well focused while I'm trading.

I spent time cross-examining Kiki to ask what worked for her in her training and what was a waste of time. I used the feedback to plan the training and am feeling very good about what I will be teaching and how I'm going to teach it.

I've also decided to do the post webinar support by Skype with the attendee being able to explain their questions using the desktop sharing facility in Skype. More labour intensive for me but a lot better for the pupil. I'm fitting the one on ones around my trading in 3 different time brackets each day so that I can accommodate each time zone as much as I can. There will be people from all sides of the globe from Australia, Asia, Europe and the U.S. They look like a great bunch and I'm really relishing meeting them all online.


  1. Question. Why do you change the chart you use every day? Doesn't this drive you nuts, I know it would drive me nuts if I was fiddling with my tools all the time.

  2. Hi,Tom,

    It is so tough to either long or short in a big gap open. Trade 1&2 are really professional nimble trades.
    I think that the purely technical reason(indicator level)were not strong enough to support trade 1&2. But the general characteristics of gap trade make the technical evidences more reliable. Am I right?
    Thank you.