Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I think I have mentioned before, that there is an issue of starting to trade again after having taken a break.

I started trading again today after having stopped almost 2 weeks ago to prepare and teach the training. My first potential trade of the day was in the FESX on Eurex. I was too slow and should have lifted the offer instead of sitting on the bid at the open. The bus left without me.  Of course only the winning trades leave without you.

After that wake up call, I got my act together. I trade the FESX only for the first couple of hours and then switch to the ES. There were a number of good trades there in the pre RTH and afterward as well. The Gap trade was a bit of a knife catch but was successful today. The guys in the training are continuing their SIM trading today and we will have some nice stats by the end of the week. Sunday we go into the last week together in formal training. Everyone has a trading plan and it will be revised by each participant at the week-end so that the experience that they had during the week's SIM trading can be utilised.

We are looking at only the FESX and ES up until now but next week the 6E will come onto the horizon. If it trades as well as it did today then we will have some new experiences.


  1. EL: I am looking forward to hearing about the stats from your trainees!

    It would be great if some of your trainees would publish their trading plans. This is something that I still struggle with - how to build a trading plan and what sort of detail should it contain.

  2. For those of you looking for ideas for writing a trading plan, you might want to take a look at this:

    Was useful to me.


  3. EL - Thanks so much for this blog. What a wonderful resource and I have also enjoyed the guest bloggers this past week.

  4. Max, Thanks for that. I agree with most of the points in the plan with a few important exceptions such as the averaging of a losing trade. There are trades that should be DoubledDown. I have strict rules about it and only DoubleDown on Outside-In trades where I am trying to pick a top or a bottom and timing these can be a little off and the DoublingDown provides safety and more profit. This is done in context.

  5. Max - Thanks for the link
    EL - Thanks for the feedback

    I have also been looking at the following example trading plan as a potential template: http://nigelb.net/Trading/SampleTradingPlan/tabid/83/Default.aspx