Friday, 9 July 2010

Training Starts Tomorrow 1 PM London Time that is 8 AM in New York

The day has finally arrived. Everyone should have received their login invitation for Saturday.

Our group is eager and ready. I'll open the room at least an hour early for anyone who wants to do a last minute video and audio check. If you are logged into the room early, use your microphone to say "Hi" as I may not be in front of the screen. Formula 1 qualifying day. I won't see the race tomorrow as we'll be in the thick of training. World Cup Football (Soccer) Final starts after the day's training is over on Sunday. At least Wimbledon Tennis is over.

The goal of the training is to help each attendee create his own unique trading plan and for me to do the knowledge transfer to empower each trader to take his plan to CP.

As I have said, the training will be an iterative process, building from below the ground up. We build the foundation and then the trading structure. Each trader will start with just one, maybe two "setups" that they will use to get to CP.

SIM trading will start on 19 July and I will be getting feedback that I can use to refine trading plans and reinforce the discipline and focus needed to achieve CP in SIM. Once CP has been achieved - and we will have to decide what CP is for each trader - live trading will begin. I'll be right there for the next 90 days again refining trading plans and reinforcing discipline and focus and answering all the questions about things that come up.

All Saturday Attendees: If you spend a bit of time looking at today's ES charts you will have a head start as I will be using it tomorrow for training. I draw your attention to both the RTH and 24 hour profile, a vision and what happened in the first half hour.

I hope to have the attendees write some guest blogs to talk about how they are progressing.

Bring it on.


  1. Hi,Tom,

    Wish you a great success of your training program and creating more "CP"s.:)


  2. Is the blog going to be on a weekly basis now that the training has started, or will it continue to be daily?

  3. Jack, Thanks.
    Anon, It will stay daily and hopefully the training attendees will contribute to the blog.

  4. Hi Tom,
    Best of luck with the training!

  5. Tom, wiil you have recordings for sale and if "yes", when and what is the price?