Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bread and Butter

It was a bread and butter day with some honey and jam thrown in. The ES had an hour or two of good action. The videos tells the story.

I'm glad people are finding the videos useful. I JUST REPLACED THE VIDEO TO RESOLVE THE SOUND ISSUES.



  1. El ,the video has no sound or is a problem with my computer ?

  2. Hi EL
    Thank You for the videos.
    Todays video doesn't have sound


  3. Loving the videos. Can't seem to get sound on this one?

    One question on the 33/99 EMAs - how long do you go back on these? They seem to adjust based on the length of time you have showing on the screen. Do you try to get these to show up from the open?

    Thanks again for all the effort and hard work you put into the blog.

  4. Sorry guys, I'll fix it on a few hours. Kiki has me doing some stuff for her - not trading related.

  5. The sound is now fixed. Glad to see you're all paying attention :-)

  6. EL,

    The videos are getting better and better in presentation, quality, explanation, etc. Thanks for posting them!

  7. Great video. Thanks!