Thursday, 19 August 2010

Worked Smart, Not Hard!

Today I worked smart not hard. I have cut my trading time down on most days to the best parts of the day. It hasn't hurt my P and L any and I really like having time for more things. Today's trades in the ES were pretty cool, good swings. The last (2nd) trade had two good scale out points and didn't let me exit too early. 

There's a lot to do with the mentoring of the students from the last training still going on and I'm working on the seminar for MarketDelta. Lots of people buying the training DVDs so I'm pleased that my daughter, Candace has so much to do, and the added bonus is more for my charities too.


  1. Trade 1 was stopped out, wasn't it? I supposed the entry was on the other part of the bar.


  2. EL, are the training DVD's only for the ones who took the training or might they be worth something to those who did not?

  3. Is there a possibility of putting a 5-10 minute clip online so we can judge the quality of the recording

  4. Gary, the DVDs teach the whole course. There are 3 theory days where I teach the pictures (setups + nuances) and 10 days of live trading showing the markets unfold over 14 hours a day with me showing where and why to take trades and to manage the positions. I guess its like being there live but leaving the asking of questions to 25 other people. I also provide 7 progressive trading plans to take you through all the stages along the roadmap to CP.
    Eagle, Kiki said she'll take a 5 minute cut on the week-end and post it.