Friday, 3 September 2010

Luck or Good management?

I went into today's number short, covered on the dip and sold it again on the pop. Luck or Good management? Just reading the order flow and momentum. These are trades that are the result of looking at the picture. The trade looks obvious to me as I watch the market. When teaching the pictures to Kiki and to the newer students, I talk about reading the market action and using the indicators to confirm what I am already seeing.


  1. Hi EL
    my daily developed MP for current trading day for ES start at RTH 8,30 (chicago) it is obvious ,but I have problem with future Euro,it is different market and I dont know when set start for daily developed MP.What do you think about 8 a.m. London time when start forex market in London ??? . Any suggestion please ??? Do you divide Euro developed MP during trading day if next distribution become ?? Thank you.

  2. Anon, I look at it both all as 1 Profile plus divided into distributions. I find those every morning as part of my daily prep.