Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Scores on the Doors

Many of you have emailed me wanting to see the trades in more detail so you can see what kind of money can be made using my methodology, so I have brought back the P and L grid that I used earlier in this blog. I am using a trade size of 3 contracts because I trade in multiples of 3. The more contracts that you trade, the more granular you can make your scale outs. If you trade, say, 12 contracts, you may want to scale out 4 times not 3, and so on.

Those of you who have taken the course or have the DVDs will recognize the trades. Those coming to the seminar in Chicago at the end of October will learn them and see me teach by trading them live.

This stuff can be easily learned. The road map is very structured and through very specific trade plans and SIM trading, your muscle memory eventually takes over. Its a matter of following the order flow in context. I trade the price bars and use the indicators to confirm what I am seeing, all within the context of Market Profile.

Today's trades are my London morning in the Euro FX futures.

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