Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Waiting 4 the Fed but Euros are Still Euros

The stock market is waiting for the Fed, but here in Euroland, life goes on. We have our own issues and dependencies. There are a bunch of countries trying to use the same currency but each with different fiscal disciplines.

May it go on forever because it's opportunity every day.

And that's what we want as discretionary traders. It's not about hitting home runs. It's about making as many trades as you are comfortable making and having a consistently high win rate. It's about making money every day. Trying to find 3 winners to make up for your 7 losers and still give you a profit won't happen. It's the win rate that I build my strategies around. Win rate. Win rate.

Today was another nice Euro day.



  1. Hi EL,
    I know you've been trading for a long time, but out of interest, how long have you been trading in the current way using range bars, keltner, 33 EMA, CCI's etc? How long did it take you to discover and fit all these pieces together to realise the picture of order flow - which I imagine was the goal - to find settings that reflected order flow? I appreciate it's an organic process/constantly changing, but just curious as to roughly how long it took to see your/the light (that I'm starting to see also thanks to you!!!)



  2. Hi EL,

    I have a burning question. I sent you an email today, in which I described the problem that red bars are paired with green delta bars. Can you please tell me what colors the Delta Bars had at your short entries 5 and 6? You would do me a huge favor answering this question!!! I think IB has a bad data feed, delivering the wrong deltas... Thanks a lot!!


  3. Hi EL,

    What are the indicators you are using in the video and how are they configured ?



  4. Nick, I've been using most of the stuff for about 10 years I think, range bars a little less. It's an iterative thing. Bit by bit. I'm still experimenting with new stuff all the time.
    Samer, Red. IB is not the best for the volume work as they have snapshot data and how the volume is allocated to a bar seems a bit random.
    Avi, they are described and down loadable if you go to KEY POSTS on the right and click on Chart Settings & Chart Definitions