Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chicago, Chicago CBOT

We finished the three day seminar and everyone seemed to have learned a lot and had a good time. We had a second Gap trade today and it went north exceedingly slow. This is my second session of training and I am pleased that there are such a terrific bunch of people reading the blog. I'm looking forward to following all these guys and gals as they take on board some of the things I use in my trading. Most of them had been trading without the structure of the context that the EL methodology provides.

We moved hotels to downtown Chicago after being up in Geneva, Illinois near the MarketDelta offices, as we are paying a visit to the Board of Trade floor early tomorrow morning. It will be Candace's first visit to a floor and possibly her last; the floors are fast disappearing as electronic trading makes them uneconomical. There are lots of locals trying to make the transition to electronic trading.

Heading to New York City on Thursday and will be home on Monday morning. Looking forward to trading the U.S. election results on Wednesday morning.

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