Friday, 8 October 2010

Gap Trade Video Posted

The Gap trade is one of the 12 long and 12 short pictures we trade. Unlike some people who try and trade this, our win rate is exceptionally high as is the profitability. We use both Market Profile and some of our other pictures and techniques to trigger this trade so we don't take heat. As usual, trade location is prime. If your trade has a great location, you have the opportunity of greater profits as you scale out as the day unfolds. There are a number of variations on the way that this trade can be traded.

We finally got the video of the recent September 23rd webinar uploaded, with a little help from our friends. We had both video and audio issues and two of the blog readers Adrian and Jerry helped us out. Kiki then did her magic and edited the bits together and below is the result. Because of the size, you will need to download it from the Screencast link if you want to see it. The download button may be below the playing screen. It's a large file as it's HiDef.

September 23rd Webinar

If you look at the ES RTH today, you can see the benefits of using the Market Profile in conjunction with the range bar chart. There were 3 or 4 opportunities to trade the MarketProfile POC and VAs. If you marry the info from the range bar chart and the MP, it all becomes clearer. This trading of context is what makes the difference to my, and my students trading and provides a very high win rate and great profitability.


  1. The Webinar file that I downloaded seems to be audio only. Is it just me, or are others having problems with the video too?

  2. Kiki tells me that the issue is probably that your video player doesn't have the right codec. She recommends that you try one of the free video players with links below to resolve your issue.

  3. Thank you for the speedy response. I downloaded GOM Player as per your suggestion and everything is now functioning properly.

    Odd, as I have the current version of Windows Media Player with all recent patches and codecs and it didn't work. Thanks again!

  4. Hello Boss,

    Saturday night is usually a date night for most people. I decided to make
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    I must say that you never disappoint. I have been on many dates were I am surprised to
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    You are the real deal.

    The things you bring to light are worth there weight in gold. If you are looking for the
    Holy Grail, just look within the words of a master and you will find it.

    To coin a few saying, to highlight the wisdom that is spoken.

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    I have said it before and will say it again, you are a beautiful man. My wish is that anyone
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  5. Thanks Rino. Why don't you drop by and say "Hi" when I'm in Chicago (Batavia) for the Market Delta seminar. I'll be at the Merc on the Wednesday afterwards too.