Monday, 4 October 2010

Mont Blanc

I'm down at my place in France for a few days.

I had to bring a car back and drove down on Sunday. It's about a 9 hour drive including going under the English Channel by train. You drive onto the carriage in your car and sit in it for the 40 minutes or so and then drive off the carriage in France and continue your journey.

I'm usually in the car with Sammy, my dog. She is not a fan of the train because she remembers going with the ferry where she had to stay in the car while I had to sit upstairs in the lounge. The car burglar alarms used to go off with the motion. Now, as we  drive into the train carriage she ducks her head and starts shivering for 5 minutes. A food treat and then she's back to normal.

Tomorrow, I plan to talk about the differences between automated and discretionary trading and see the benefits of both, all from my point of view as I am doing both.

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