Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Trader's Work Is Never Done

An important part of the job of a discretionary trader is developing yourself and your trading further. There is always room to improve. Always.

The way to improve is to review the markets and how you traded them. The goal is see what "they" are doing and then join them. This takes hours and hours. But what do you do?

One of the things to do is to replay the day and see if there could have been a better way to trade it. Find a different nuance, a variation in the picture or something that you didn't notice the first time. Document it, back test it, SIM it, trade it live, all the while collecting statistics.

Again, the harder I work, the luckier I get. As discretionary traders, we must create a structure around our trading, so we know what we have and can make measurable changes to improve.

Traveled back to London today, here is a little bit of what I left behind. Business as usual tomorrow.


  1. Hi EL, Any news on publishing your last seminar?



  2. We have a soundless period on the recording we are resolving. Hopefully by the week-end. I'll post when it's available.