Friday, 19 November 2010

European Ben

We had Ben Bernanke here in Europe spreading his message. Not much effect on the markets. The Chinese announcing some policy change created a little blip while Ben was talking. Trichet showed what a big fan of Ben he is. Rome and fiddles come to mind. You can read the text of his speech here.

I did some trades in my old market, the German Bund (I traded it when LIFFE owned it). Not so many trades but the net was quite green.


  1. Hello,

    Been following you for a while and I have two questions. You seem comfortable trading a lot of different markets. On any given day, what makes you trade the market you do?

    Also, have you done any studies on how different markets correlate to one another? I find often times my best opportunities come when one market spikes, or dips hard, for whatever reason, and the rest follow. Kind of like a rising tide lifts all boats. Seems to happen often in commodities, during the low volume mid-day hours in the US. Like today, an hour into the US session, gold started showing a lot of strength. Crude followed and then about 5 minutes later, 6E spiked a quick 15 points, as if it needed to catch up. Didn't need a perfect entrance or set up, just jump on and jump off.

    Anyways, thanks for all the insights. Great stuff.

  2. Anon 07:53, It depends on what I see on the asian markets overnight. I always want to trade the Euro plus an index. If there was no action in those o/n I'll look elsewhere. I don't look for one market impacting another as it's a level of complexity too much for me. It's really KISS, 1 market, 1 chart, 1 timeframe.