Thursday, 25 November 2010

I know what I won't give thanks for

I won't be thankful for more days like today - holidays are no trade days for me, unless there is something special going on.

These are days I use for testing. I have been making a few more improvements to Flo. We are trading Crude, Bunds, Euro, ES and DAX and are looking to add more currencies as well as some commodities - softs. This means more back testing. The basic algo is the same but as each market has it's own fingerprint, some adjustments have to be made.

I thought the Korean stuff would have a bigger effect, but looks like not. Also the Irish and Spanish economic situation is not causing as much agro as I thought either. So it was a testing day for me.

My son in law started restocking the wine cellar and I'm looking forward to tasting one of his choices tonight.

Those of you who are having a well earned rest, enjoy. Remember, you have to feed the soul too.

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