Thursday, 9 December 2010

Like Those Batteries

The last few days have been particular satisfying ones for me, as one of the people I am mentoring has now turned the corner. This particular guy, one of the students from the July seminar, is a real hard worker who has tremendous focus, determination and discipline. He only trades a couple of hours a day while he holds down his day job, so not a lot of screen time. Within the last week everything changed and he has CP within his sights. Great work! You deserve it.

As far as people reading this blog are concerned, this should be an inspiration. The guy in question is not the only one who has reached or is approaching CP. Between the seminar, the webinar and the DVD students, lots of them have made it, but not without a lot of work.

I am reading another book, Mastery, recommended to me by another student. The author, an akido master, talks about the learning process and describes it as a lot of hard work followed by a spurt of progress followed by a plateau, when not much seems to be achieved, until suddenly there is another spurt of progress followed by another plateau. This seems to be the case with many of my students.

The harder they work, the luckier they get.

The market, it just keeps on going, and going ............

I started the morning with the Gap trade as you can see. I leaned on my one and only Fib number. From there, I just traded the pull backs, scaling as I went and covering when it looked like the party was over, but starting again when the picture set up again. I finished the day going long into the number and the fundamentals fit the technicals beautifully.


  1. Interesting Chart. I see that the order flow is missing. Were you trading without that or is it hidden in another pane? I trade with a similar approach (Range bars, Market Profile and Keltner+2 averages - but no CCI and no order flow). Hence my question.

  2. Geo, this wasn't the chart I traded from. I use MarketDelta for my discretionary trading. I was still working so used another PC.

  3. Thank you for you inspiring remarks concerning the path to CP conquered by someone you're mentoring. May I ask what were his greatest challenges?

    Thank you for mentioning the merits of "Mastery", it's one of my favorites works.

  4. Anon 17:03, it was not one single thing. It was a matter of SIMing until one week it all came good.