Monday, 14 February 2011

Another Fall of the Berlin Wall?

I hope that what we have seen unfold in the last three weeks in the Middle East has been another event similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall. I think I have spoken about the money that was made on the floor trading during that 1989/90 period.

This time seems to be a little different, as although we have an event seeking the shedding of a dictatorship in search of democracy, we do have some dark shadows hiding in the wings which create additional uncertainty.

The only reason I am blogging about this is to highlight the opportunities we have around us. We have a very uncertain international environment which we are trading in, both economically and socially. The product of this uncertainty must be a number of so called "black swan" events, things that will happen that are outside our contemplation. As this uncertainty becomes more understood, volatility shall increase and that will translate into even more opportunity for day traders. We just need to be ready to take advantage of them.

The Euro has continued to provide the milk and cream. The trades today consist of almost all of the pictures (setups) that I have been using and teaching. One of the requirements of reaching CP is to be able to make the same trade over and over. That can only be done once a picture has been identified, documented and back tested to infinity. That done, it's a matter of training your muscle memory to recognise them in the heat of battle, or to program your computer to recognise them and trigger the trade automatically. The trades today are a mixture of auto and manual.


  1. EL, I would be interested in your comments and thoughts on how much money one needs to begin trading fulltime once they are CP. Having read this article

    it seems like its quite a hefty amount? In your experience, what should a beginning traders bankroll be once CP is achieved?

  2. SpiBok, I'll do a post on this on, probably, Thursday. Good question and I've touched on it but deserves a post on it's own.

  3. Cool, thank you Tom