Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Flo in the Cloud

FloBot is fully operational in the cloud. I haven't done any assessment yet on whether I am making more money because of the reduced latency, as it's early days yet.

However, there was an added benefit yesterday.

My main PC is a heavy duty i7 930 quad core with RAID. Last week I had a RAID failure and I am ashamed to admit that because I was so busy with a new project, I didn't rebuild the RAID volume and chose to wing it with a solo data drive (my operating system is running on a solid state drive protected by a daily Acronis image stored on yet another drive).

Yesterday, the other drive in the RAID pair threw its arms and legs into the air. Flo was in the cloud. I had to stop some other trading I was doing locally but jumped on my laptop to get into the cloud to transfer everything there and bring things under control.

Meanwhile, I went back to the broken PC and discovered that the drive had not failed, only the RAID had failed. Seems that the super 10,000 RPM 1Tb Western Dig drives are not RAID aware and fall out of the Volume sometimes. That's what happened last week too. So I'm back up now on a single drive and the RAID is being rebuilt overnight.

Bloody hell, you have to be an expert at everything. The guy that I had build the PC should have known about RAID aware drives.

I'm glad I moved to the cloud. It changes my whole IT strategy going forward. It means that I won't buy any more heavy duty hardware to run locally any more, just run in the cloud and access the cloud using lower spec non redundant hardware. And I can access it from which ever place I'm at.

The Euro continues to be a good market. It has both volatility and enough depth to its moves. I trade it with anything from a 3 tick range bar chart to a 9 tick range bar chart. Lately, the 3 range has been pretty awesome, but is a bit fast to trade manually. With Flo triggering the entries, it's much easier. The sequence below was just part of the day.


  1. I find the idea of trading in the cloud really interesting. Do you have any recommendations on how to get started? Thanks.

  2. jenrique42
    is there any other combination of CCI that is somewhat shorter and to serve your setups, the 45-6 combination is too long for those who have little time to do trading, but good for whjenrique42
    hay alguna otra combinacion de los cci que sea algo mas corta y que le sirvan tus setups, la combinacion 45-6 es demasiado larga para los que tenemos poco tiempo para hacer trading, pero buena para lo que pueden estar todo el diaat they can spend all day

  3. jenrique42, I don't change the CCIs. If you want a faster market you can, say, trade the ES on a 1 tick RANGE bar, not a 1 tick chart but a 1 tick range bar or the 6E on a 3 tick range bar. I do that sometimes.
    Wes, Find a VPS who specialises in traders. Then just setup there as if it was your local PC. Easy.Email me if you want a recommendation.

  4. Tom,

    I have a "Flo" as well but she certainly isn't running on a cloud. I can see the advantages of running a system in a cloud... Would you mind sharing the best way to go about setting something like this up? Thanks.