Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Go Flo

I bought the Gap trade at 1324.25, but only a 50% position, as I was buying against a Profile support blindly.

Then Flo gave a BUY and I was able to go to 150% position. Having Flo signal the trade one bar after my Gap entry gave me the confidence to add size. I have a couple of these types of trades in my TP. I ignored yesterday's low volume Presidents' Day activity and used 1334.00 as my target - the distribution just before the single prints.

I had scaled out of half by the time we got to 1329.00, the buying tail of last Thursday and finished off just under 1334.00.

This was a very text book trade in terms of what I have been teaching in the seminars and DVDs. Taking this high percentage trade is a must for me and is a large contributor to my annual P and L. The Gap trade is an easy trade to test and document in my TP and I make it into a well over 80% win rate the way I document it.

Creating a small set of pictures that you can trade, each with a high win rate, and trading them over and over again, is the way to achieve CP.

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