Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I'm a Loser

There was a post on one of the forums asking if I have losing days, and The Beatles sing about it here.

Of course I have losing days. I trade several markets at a time, I trade for varying hours a day from just a few to more than 10 hours. It's the nature of the business.

Having said that,there are two types of losing trades: Losers when I followed my trading plan and losers when I went off piste and did not trade according to my trading plan. The first is OK, the second needs addressing.

What you see in the blog is a sequence out of my trading day, a sequence that I believe will be useful in teaching other traders something. The sequences contain the losers and winners in the sequence but it's just one sequence, not all the trades I make every day. I also trade longer term as I have reported. These longer term trades also have winners and losers. By showing the sequences that I do, I'm not trying to say "Look how great I am" but trying to provide information that others may use to become profitable.  If you as blog readers want to see more losing trades instead of winning trades, or some other combination let me know.  I think that showing what I do right is more instructive than what I do wrong, but if you also think it's useful to show losing trades, I'll be glad to show those types of sequences also.

So in my video recap I'm only going to show some of my losing trades. I had to use losers from yesterday as I had a great day today in the ES.

How well I do in real time was seen by the guys over 3 weeks in the webinar training last July as well as the guys at the seminar for MarketDelta last October, and it's all in the DVDs that we made by recording those events.
As I say in the training, don't believe anything anyone says, including me. Test for yourself and verify. You need to own the knowledge and experience before you have the courage and discipline to put it into action with real money.


  1. Hi EL,

    It would be great if you could take us through a couple of examples of losing trades in greater detail. Perhaps you could show us where you entered the trade, what your thinking was that caused you to exit, and what your final exit price was. Seeing the whole losing trade with all the specifics from beginning to end would be very educational.


  2. Thank you for this post. I have been working hard to remember that "anything can happen" on an individual trade no matter how good the technical set-up might be.

  3. Hey EL,

    Thanks for all the continuing hard work. I visit the blog every day. Your ideas have really shaped the way I currently trade, though I have more work to do.

    I think showing or talking through a losing trade in detail on the vid every two weeks or so is helpful. Perhaps include in the discussion how the losing trade changed (or didn't) the way you saw the market flow at that point. So often us newbies will take a stop and then go back in on the same premise only to take another. Showing us a loser and explaining how it effects your vision for the day might be helpful.

    Thanks again, you are an inspiration.

  4. EL - It's not the losing trades that I am interested in learning about. Instead, I would find it instructive to see howyou handle losing trades - i.e. when and how you decide to exit the trade.