Friday, 4 February 2011


Mrs EL and I had tickets to Elton John's concert last night at the Geneva Arena, again. I say again because the tickets were originally for December but Elton cancelled a few days before. We couldn't understand why until a few days later when he announced the birth of his new baby, so it all made sense.

Yesterday we drove down (about 35 minutes) to the venue right next to the Geneva airport only to be told as we arrived at the front of the parking queue that the show was again postponed, this time until May. Rocketman was again a no show but he's still standing.

It doesn't bode well. A few years ago, we had tickets to a summer concert by Pavarotti at a country house half way between London and Yorkshire (can't remember it's name). We were really looking forward to the Champagne and strawberries in the early evening British sunshine. He became ill and the performance was postponed for a year at the same venue. Sadly, Pavarotti died and we didn't get to see him. I hope our luck with Elton is better. I last saw him in Budapest, Hungary in the early 1980s. It was a great show.

I was trading mostly the Euro and the ES today, The Euro trade in the video is fairly typical of currency trades lately when there is a trend change or a resumption in trend after a rest. Timing them is a little challenging and the trade in the vid shows that working out what "they" are doing is more important than getting frightened by price.

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