Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Euro was giving milk and cream this morning in London time. I was trading away when an email came in from one of my students who was enjoying the same trades. Great to see people succeding.  

Nice trend move down with lots of pullbacks to sell. It was a matter of doing what my TP specified. And Flo did just that. As you can see, the last trade in the sequence is a loser. I was pushing the sequence to the end - managing exits manually - and the last trade is usually a loser. If it looks like the trend is not so strong - order flow - then I usually trade only 3 trades in a sequence, but the Euro usually gives more. The problem is that if I stop after 3 and miss a trade after that, then I cannot re-enter the same sequence as I perceive a higher risk.


  1. What did your S&P chart look like today? Any trades there?

  2. hello EL , was wondering would you have taken the long trades at 9:45 10:03 11:00 11:33 EST, the CCI was in the red but we could have leaned against yesterday VAL, are those trades qualify as outside in