Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday on My Mind, Again

I don't have a lot to say today. The sun is shining ouside and I'm heading out with the dog to walk around the farm a little. Trading was boring in the morning (London time) but the afternoon was cool. Just two good trades and I am finished. Identify the trend and join it on a pull back.


  1. hello EL got a question for you this morning at 10:17 EST i wanted to take the long at the close of the bar ( i use 5 tick range bar)at 1307.25 but was not sure if this was an outside in trade ( i don't trade those anymore thanks to your advice the other day) or an inside out trade. the 33 ema was still red, the long tem CCI was red , but i had the support at the 99ema so was wondering if the trade was good to take for a newbie. i would have preferred to wait for price to be above the 33 ema to take it , but price just run without me. thanks for help

  2. joseph, that was a red candle on my chart. I would have waited for 3 more candles for a higher probability trade. I would definitely wait for a candle colour in the direction of the trade until you have more experience.