Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just When....

...the Euro chart looked like I had missed the move of the day as I woke up this morning and saw it hugely up, it went down again. Lovely, jubely as one of the British TV stars used to say. You can see it here. Classic British comedy called Only Fools and Horses.

Well, I got another chance as the elevator went back down. But not before I sold it too early. There's a trade a little more on the left that was a loser - I sold way too early and couldn't hold the small pop up. I then turned Flo on and took the trade you can see. I then turned Flo off, as I wanted to trade manually and just sold every pull back. The last trade was a small loser as I was at the party too long, but that's OK. The move was so strong, any pull back could have been the end of the move.


  1. Hi Tom: do you use market internals (tick + breadth) for your ES trading? Just found out one can get access to the S&P500 tick & breadth via iqfeed. Have a good week-end! -J

  2. J, no internals. 1 chart only. I tried that years ago and it only complicated it for me.

  3. Hello EL,

    I traded the powerful down move, but ended up stepping aside for the bulk of it after being shaken out of my first trade. After the NVPOC I was watching for support was blown out, shorting seemed like I was chasing. Those road runner 6e moves challenge my relaxed trading persona. Any advice?

    Thank you for the tier-one blog always.

  4. Vinnie, its like eating an elephant - one bite at a time. After each trade, there is a new picture that meets my trading plan. I evaluate it. After the 3rd one I find it more difficult to pull the trigger too but look at the chart - major support was broken. On the other hand, if your TP says no trades after the 3rd, it doesn't matter to miss the rest. There are more trades in a day than I can possibly trade.