Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring has Sprung....

....the grass has ris', I don't wonder where the birdie is - because they are in my barn. About 5 different families of little birds are busy building nests in my barn loft. The Gardener has started mowing the lawns and nature is moving on. It's wonderful to be eating lunch outside. Yesterday we had about 27 degrees Centigrade - summer temperatures for here. The stock market seems to have sprung a bit too, as I have the feeling of a little more action. It maybe just my shorter range bars of course.

A few good moves in the ES pre RTH and post RTH. Before RTH began, I tweeted that my ES range for the first part of RTH was 1336 to 1329. It has done that and now we'll need to see what's next. Seems like plenty of opportunity in the ES again.


  1. Tom, how do you decide each morning which market and which range bar to use? It sounds like it is a fresh decision each day and I am wondering if you have any objective parameters you look at to make your decision. Thank you

  2. Gary, I have a short and a longer chart up for each market and they are both running and trading via Flo. I manually override one market that I think, from the overnight activity, will allow me to do better than Flo. This has come about due to the huge swings in volatility we have been having.