Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trading, trading

This day today, years ago,  Louis I the Great King of Hungary and Poland was born (1326), Country singer Patsy Cline Died (1963) and the largest milkshake (1,955 gallons of chocolate - pity it wasn't strawberry) was mixed in Nelspruit South Africa (1994). These are the things I ponder when the market is slow and I am waiting for Flo to give me a signal. Not a big range in the London morning on the ES. The DAX was a bit better. 

European mornings have been less active lately. The first 2 hours of RTH seem where the juice is, especially since the profile is more helpful then.Today's ES chart is a 1 tick range bar using the new chart trading facility in MultiCharts. This is scalping mode and I can drag orders around the chart. Flo puts the trades on and then I manage them as usual. Full algo trading has one drawback: I don't know when the drawdown is going to end. By Hybrid Trading I can get the benefits, but not that disadvantage. Hard to trade when you have no control over your drawdown.

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