Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Contextually Speaking

I had my hair cut yesterday between doing lots of little things I don't have time for when I'm trading. It was not a holiday here in France, so it felt like I was skiving while everyone else was working.

French is my fourth language which means I speak it fourth well (or badly). I was sitting in the chair with my "barber" cutting and talking. There was a lot of what she said that I didn't really understand, so I smiled politely while she got her work done.

Occasionally, she asked a question that related directly to my hair. Things such as "did I want my sideburns trimmed?" and the like. Of course I understood everything when it related to my hair because I was paying great attention to the context. Context = Understanding, No Context = Smile but no cigar.

This what trading is all about. This is what is important as the trade picture sets up and you consider pulling the trigger. What it looks like in the context!

Tuesday morning was not a happy morning. I missed my DAX entry due to a lack of focus. I guess a three day long week-end has re-entry problems for me, or maybe I was just not paying enough attention to business. I didn't have Flo turned on. That's not going to happen again.

It's mid morning here and I'm now looking for a re-tracement towards a gap fill for the ES which would also encourage the DAX down. No preconceptions, just awareness. We are just below resistance of 1344.50 in the ES now and I'm looking to see what happens in this area.

Got close to the resistance and failed. The number helped.

As an aside, I'm getting my hard hat ready. Denmark officially went into recession just now and the U.S. economy has been downgraded by a bunch of economists over the week-end. Looks like the solvent EU members will keep on carrying the insolvent ones so that will be a drain on European growth.

I'm glad I'm a trader and don't "work" for a living. 


  1. Tom, great MP video the other day. Do you split Tuesday's ES RTH at all? Maybe removing the first period or the last two?



  2. Peter, I split at single prints and whenever there is a new beginning, usually a long row of TPOs that breaks out.