Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It's Triggering The Trade That Matters

I've received a number of emails from traders building their own FloBots. I've also received emails asking me why I use Flo if "you're such a hotshot".

Firstly, I'm just a trader who works hard, and the harder I work the luckier I get.  I've paid my losses just as all traders have to do. This blog has become an attempt to save people the full cost of the ticket by having them benefit from both my mistakes and my experience.

I use an autobot to enter trades because a Flo can enter trades faster and more accurately than I can. Flo also takes away the strain of the decision making process by about 75%. I only have to be smart once: building the autobot rather than having to be smart in entering each and every trade. Trades that are triggered by Flo that don't fit the context are scratched.

I traded the DAX and the Euro in the London morning and switched to the ES just before RTH. I started by selling the ES to close the gap and then caught a nice VA rejection trade. See the vid.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Please bare in mind I am thanking you for your
    efforts everyday that you post.

    Have you ever gone all in, all out in the past?

    Do any of your students choose this approch?



  2. John, yes and yes. All out is fine as long as you have a re-entry rule(s). Typically, buying troughs and exiting at peaks so you can re-enter on the next trough is great! Many prefer this,