Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Leonardo da Vinci Invented It

Our local electricity company here in France obviously has a lot of budget to spend, as they are in the process of changing the electricity poles in our village and more particularly two on the edge of our property.

A couple of days ago, two guys turned up and dug a six foot deep hole, about 18 inched wide. A really beautiful hole. Today, I looked out my window into the valley and there was a yellow helicopter carrying the proverbial 40 foot pole towards us.

I ran down the 3 floors and hightailed it over to the western part of the property where the hole was. Of course I missed the set up of the pole, but there was a second hole about 300 yards further south and I was in time to see the guy in the helicopter drop the pole right into the hole- first time.

Having said all of this, as the new poles were about 3 feet from each of the old poles, I could easily compare them. Identical. Couldn't tell them apart. The old pole was perfect.

Today was DAX day for me with a little bit of Euro thrown in. Not an exciting day. Although the range was OK, I didn't catch any really long trends - it was grinding it out.


  1. Nice to see the French are spending UK Eurozone donations/obligations so wisely. What ever next? Building a factory to make more white flags I imagine?


  2. Nick, on the other hand the quality of life here is fantastic. The French have a much better work/life balance and live better than most other countries.

  3. Hello EL,

    Do you ever look at internals like
    Breadth, Vix, Adv/Dcl, ect for
    help with context?



  4. John, No I don't. I see what I need from what you see on the charts and I'm so short term that the range bars, momentum and support and resistance is what I need in the context of MP and the EMAs.