Friday, 27 May 2011

Rocketman, Market Profile and Market Delta

Elton John finally landed in Geneva. Mrs EL and I had a great night at the Arena watching Elton belt it out for 3 hours to a packed house. This show was originally scheduled for December - Elton had a baby - and then in February - Elton had la grippe like many of us here in Europe did. Last night, he delivered in spades although I did miss him singing "I'm Still Standing" which was a theme song for me after a bad trading day in 1993. I last saw him in Budapest in about 1984. I remember it well.

Monday's a long week-end so I'm going to do a post then on Market Profile and how I do some context prep using MarketDelta.

Yesterday's DAX trade almost touched my last target of around 7125, getting to 7127.5.  The power of support and resistance using my MarketProfile stuff amazes me at times. I thank Pete Steidlmayer (under my breath) every day for inventing it. That was the trade of the week, so far.

Today's Euro had a great trade over London lunch as the NY currency guys came in to work. The afternoon trades were marginal but green. You can only take what the market gives.

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