Friday, 20 May 2011

Trading Off the EMAs

Weather has been great here in France although we had a heavy rain storm last night. We really did need the rain though,as it was quite dry due to less snowfall this year. We have a nice stream on the property which we dredged and deepened a couple of months ago. If there are ever water restrictions here we will have enough of our own water for our needs. I've even thought about putting in micro hydro power. An interesting idea as our stream flows quite fast. Our forestry guy took out 5 trees in the end last week as they were either dead or dying. We've already re-planted some and will be adding more on the week-end. The dead trees will fuel our fires next winter so nothing is wasted. 

The EMAs are a critical part of my trading. They act as both support and resistance as as a trend indicator and change of trend indication. Take away everything but leave me my EMAs.

The Euro had some nice EMA trades today, recognising and anticipating change of trend. Looking at price action and the EMAs shows how. I put the CCIs back for reference. One final note, thank you for all the great comments and questions that have come in lately.

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  1. Hi EL,

    Could you explian a little more about the "relationship" between the EMAs and how you use them trade. Are you referring to the distance between the EMAs? Does it matter which is above/below on the chart?

    Maybe you could devote one blog to the details and nuances of the EMAs.