Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Is it like scuba diving?

Putting on a trade is like an extreme sport. I'm not a sky diver but I can imagine doing my training and then blindly jumping out of the plan with my harness and silk attached to me. I do scuba dive and I remember my first dive after my training and going down into the depths with that cylinder on my back, knowing that I had to believe I could keep breathing under the water and that I had to time my dive to leave myself enough air to be able to resurface without nitrogen poisoning my blood.

Yes, putting on a trade is doing the prep to recognise the picture and then just diving in. Using an algo to do this for you can be a great help. It takes away those seconds of indecision or analysis paralysis that may make the difference between a timely entry or an entry after the move has happened. It ensures the consistency and discipline that is needed to trade a specific setup that repeats over an over again, in order to meet the stats that I produced from my backtesting. It's a tool that really helps me make money.

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