Monday, 27 June 2011


I awoke with great anticipation this morning as the Greek thing is hotting up. Euroland is holding its breath for Wednesday when the Greeks decide whether they will bear us the gift of passing the austerity laws to be able to draw down the money they need to avoid what would amount to bankruptcy.

Being an optimist, I am accustomed to frequent disappointments and today was another one. No extra volatility. maybe tomorrow.

Hope is not a trading strategy so I'll trade what I see and take what the market gives.

Today's Euro trades were a little more challenging. I missed the initial break up at about 9.00am London time as it didn't fit in my trading plan and Flo didn't trigger until the consolidation a few bars later. There were a couple of OK trades though as you can see from the chart. Maybe the afternoon shall bring some more action.


  1. Would be great to see your exits as well Tom.

  2. You got to get rid of that green background.
    Surprised it doesn't give you a headache.

  3. What, get rid of the colour of money?